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Cambridge Clinical Research Centre

Cambridge Clinical Research Centre

with RH Partnership

for University of Cambridge

Laura Stone - Director ; Tatyana Larikova - Senior Landscape Architect

Project Gemma is an expansion of the Addenbrookes Clinical Research Centre and the remodelling of the associated public realm to tie in with the hospital’s planned Campus High Street. Livingston Eyre’s brief was to link the old and new buildings whilst providing new spaces that can be enjoyed by patients and visitors.

A new canopy links the existing hospital entrance with the High Street and allows patients to be transferred from the ambulance drop-off spaces without getting wet. The route is softerned by a series of hedges and comfortable seating is to be provided at intervals.

The new High Street frontage is planted with trees tying in with the Addenbrookes masterplan and parking is provided for the many cyclists who visit the facility. Cycle stands are partially concealed by an artist-designed laser cut screen.

On the south side of the new building is a more private, informal courtyard with further grouped seating areas among lush planting. The new building features two green roofs, one planted as a semi-extensive ornamental composition at ground level.

“A delight to look at as is … the landscaping which provides much needed car free outdoor space for patients and staff”

Caroline Saunders Head of Clinical Operations, CCRC

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